"The Best and Worst Wedding Flowers for Brides with Allergies"

Whilst flowers add to the beauty of any wedding, for brides who are allergy sufferers some flowers cause nothing but red eyes, runny noses and itchy skin. Allergies from flowers are caused when pollen from a male flower is sent through the air to fertilize female flowers. Cactus plants, hosta and dusty miller are perfect for allergy sufferers but if you want flowers for your wedding, you can choose flowers that do not need air travel for pollination. Other allergies are caused by highly scented flowers that can cause headaches and nausea.

Here we list some of the best and worst wedding flowers for brides with allergies:

The best flowers for brides with allergies

Dahlias Hydrangeas Calla Lilies Orchids Asiatic lilies Ranunculus


Rich and dynamic in shape, pollen-free varieties of dahlias are a good option for those looking for a flower that adds drama and texture to an arrangement.


These eye-catching flowers, in pink, blue, white and purple, are perfect for wedding centerpiece flowers as they have a low-pollen count.

Calla Lilies

Dramatic and fragrance-free calla lily blooms look gorgeous in large bouquets and centerpieces. Available in a range of colors from pure white to deep burgundy, also known as black calla lilies.


Orchid pollen is rarely airborne, making it perfect for the bride with allergies. You can choose from cascading phalaenopsis, mokaras, or cymbidiums, with a variety of shades to choose from.

Asiatic lilies

Unlike other members of the lily family, Asiatic lilies don't give off a strong fragrance. In gorgeous pink, red, orange, and mixed colors are ideal for weddings with contemporary and exotic décor. They're especially pretty in dynamic, high-design centerpieces. Whilst other lilies have a large amount of pollen, it is very simple to remove the stamens which holds the pollen. The stamens can stain clothing and skin, so always remove them with care.


Currently on trend, rannuculus are a popular choice for brides who love roses, but want a less fragrant option. With a romantic, petal-dense look similar to roses these flowers are good for both bouquets and centerpieces with a range of colors available from blush to fuchsia to purple.

Worst flowers for a bride with allergies

Sunflowers Chrysanthemums Hyacinth Freesia Daisies


You may have heard that sunflowers are one of the worst flowers for a bride with allergies. However, there are now sunflowers where the pollen has been bred out or is too heavy to be carried by the wind. Apricot Twist (apricot with gold center), Infrared Mix (dark crimson, golden-reds), The Joker (red-and-yellow double blooms) and Pro-Cut Bicolor (mahogany and yellow with black centers).


Chrysanthemums are a versatile flower, but are not good for those with allergies. A suggested safer, alternate choice would be dahlias.


These fragrant, bell-shaped flowers in a variety of shades including blues, purples and yellows are high in pollen. You can recreate the look using the safer hydrangea flowers.


This is one flower you’re likely to smell before you see it. This makes them unsuitable for dining arrangements, but should also be avoided by brides with allergies.


If you want a wild-flower look, but have allergies, steer clear of daises. Pyrethrum or Japanese chrysanthemums are a good alternative as they have a similar look to daisies. Included in the daisy family are asters and chamomile.


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