"Strangest Rainforest Plants"

Rainforests are beautiful, mysterious places. With a multitude of plants, some of which have yet to be classified, there are some that have the ability to cure illness, but there are also plants that are just simply strange, some for their ability to attract insects by smelling of death or plants that kill to survive. Here are some of the strange rainforest plants you may choose to steer away from:


The rafflesia flower is known as "corpse flower" for its own fun stench, which apparently attracts beetles by the swarms. Found in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, they produce the largest flowers in the world at around three feet in diameter, all whilst living as parasites on other plants since they cannot produce their own food. The flowers are dull red in color, and give off a smell often compared to rotting meat.

Rafflesia Amorphophallus Titanum

Amorphophallus Titanum

Also known as the "corpse flower", Amorphophallus Titanum flowers emit an incredibly pungent odor. What makes this plant even more strange is that the flower only blooms only a few years in its forty year life span. Scientist have analysed the elements of the flower’s smell and whilst they have identified a floral scent, this is well masked by the combined scents of cheese, sweaty socks, mothballs and rotting fish.

Bull’s Horn Acacia

Native to the tropical rainforests of Central America, the bull’s horn acacia tree is uniquely adapted to support acacia ants. It’s a strange plant because neither tree nor ant would survive without the other. An acacia ant colony will leaf-eating insects and give a painful sting to animals who touch the tree, whether invading ants, mammals or human beings. In return for protection, the trees secrete a special nectar, the sole purpose of which appears to be to provide their resident ant colonies with food.

Bull’s Horn Acacia Walking Palm

Walking Palm

This tree moves by sending out new roots to move to a more fertile location. These plants can pull themselves in any direction. It takes years for them to move short distances, but they are definitely strange.

Nipple Plant or Cow Udder Plant

Native to rainforests in South America, these plants have large velvety leaves, small purple flowers, and firm thorns. The plants have the strange name of Nipple plant because the bright orange yellow fruit are shaped like cow udders or nipples. Another strange fact is that the plants can be used as a detergent for clothes washing.

Nipple Plant or Cow Udder Plant Jabuticaba


This exotic fruit grows only in the rainforests of Brazil. A strange plant that looks like a beetle invasion, it actually has a taste similar to a grape. In Brazil, explaining something that is typical of the country, is to call it a "jabuticaba".



These scoop-shaped plants are known as "monkey cups", as young rainforest monkeys occasionally drink from them. This plant is strange since the cups are actually death traps for large insects and even small birds who drown in the pots that are filled by rainwater.


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